For the past 30 years, COFFRA has been advising French and foreign companies with a single objective in mind: to help them to improve their operational efficiency.

In spite of the close economic links between French and foreign companies, there still exist numerous differences in national approaches to issues of an industrial or commercial nature liable to impede the smooth progress of their business development.

COFFRA is well-placed to offer its clients the wealth of its experience, the personal and professional qualities of the experts it employs, and the complementary strengths of its core business activities: management and statutory audit services, corporate finance, outsourcing, tax and legal services, IT services.

Today, COFFRA boasts more than 120 professionals providing expert services to 500 companies in France and in other countries of the European Union.

Our specialists — auditors, consultants, legal experts or tax advisers — boast extensive experience in their particular area combined with a real understanding of the differences in attitudes, culture and behavior in each country.

The fact that COFFRA has preserved a human dimension represents a key advantage enabling it to remain close to its clients and to tailor its services carefully to the needs of each company in accordance with the management practices of the home country. This structural flexibility, combined with the quality of its consultancy services, gives our corporate clients the guarantee that COFFRA provides the best possible response with the most suitable organization.