Management and Statutory Audit Services

We audit the financial statements of your French subsidiaries on the strength of our perfect understanding of the rules of appraisal and presentation prevailing in both France and other countries.

Our activities may assume a legal dimension when we act as statutory auditors or be more specific in nature when organized within the framework of a contractual audit. Our substantial experience based on our detailed knowledge of the different legal concepts and regulations in Europe enables us to oversee the conversion of French financial statements into IFRS or US-GAAP standards.

We also adapt the financial statements of French companies into formats recognized in Germany (HB I and HB II).

For a number of our clients, we also audit their consolidated accounts at international level. When reporting on these various assignments — irrespective of the size or the industrial sector of the companies concerned — we draw up detailed auditors’ reports in English, French or German, as our clients prefer.

These reports also include our recommendations drafted specifically to address the weaknesses highlighted in the course of our assignments.