Provision of COFFRA in accounting


COFFRA supports small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in all growth stages and in all aspects of management:

  • Setup of companies
  • Held full or joint accounts
  • Revision of Accounting
  • Preparation of annual accounts and situations (reporting to the parent company financial statements in processing international standards, consolidation packages, …)
  • Preparation of all tax and social, whether professional or personal
  • Legal support (corporate law, labor law, etc..) And relations with government and public bodies
  • Organizational consulting and support during the implementation of the information system
  • With social care and management of payroll and related administrative declarations; advice in phases hiring or termination of employment contract, management of complex problems (expatriation, foreign employment contracts, …)
  • Management consulting (dashboards, cash management, neutral, margin analysis, management control, etc ….)
  • financial advice
  • international experience

COFFRA customers are in direct contact with the best experts in many countries. Accountants of COFFRA can ie. put you in touch with our overseas offices to welcome you. With more than 14 offices correspondents in Germany, in almost all major cities, has COFFRA FRENCH DESK with a tool for the development in Germany.